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You have been thinking about installing a solar energy system at your home, but worry it is too much headache. Relax! New Solar will build your system with virtually no work from you. We offer you a comprehensive one-stop shop solution for a solar energy system of a few kilowatts to tens of kilowatts. A system that helps you make money and generate great return on your investment. Our friendly staff will explain to you all the benefits, design a system that fits your needs, install your system, and handle all government and utility paperwork for you.

Some of the key benefits for our residential customers include the following:

  • Great financial return for the solar investment
  • No upfront payment with a financing loan option
  • Positive cash flow from the solar energy system for each year of operation
  • Lock in low-cost solar electricity, and free from ever-increasing retail electricity rates
  • Maximize solar investment credits, government, and utility solar incentives
  • Clear statement of your personal commitment to a green environment

Are you excited to help save the planet for our next generation, and generate great financial return for your investment? Contact our friendly staff to put together a proposal for your family.


Technology Options
In general, customer selects solar photovoltaic system with crystalline solar modules for their residential home roof-top or open field installation. Please refer to our “Technology” page for more information. Our friendly staff is more than happy to explain the details to you.

Installation Options
Our team is experienced in designing and constructing many different types of mounting system for you, including:

  • Fixed slope roof-mount system
  • Fixed flat roof-mount system
  • Fixed ground mount system
  • Tracking ground mount system

Our staff is happy to put together a detail plan for your family to review. Contact us today.

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