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As a developer and general contractor, we offer comprehensive solar energy solutions, from tens of kilowatts to hundreds of kilowatts, to commercial customers. We help you to locate financing, and you do not need to put up any upfront investment. Our experienced service and engineering team provide one-stop shop to our customers in building energy audit, design, permitting, installation, grid-connection, financing, government and utility incentives application.

Some of the key benefits for our commercial customers include the following:

  • Great financial return for the solar investment
  • No upfront investment with our financing plan
  • Positive cash flow from the solar energy system for each year of operation
  • Lock in low-cost solar electricity, and free from ever-increasing retail electricity rates
  • Maximize solar investment credits, government, and utility solar incentives
  • Web-based monitoring of the solar energy system
  • Clear corporate statement for renewable energy and sustainability initiatives

Our solution removes the complexity and upfront cost from the equation. You will reap great financial return from your solar energy system. How could anyone afford to ignore this type of low-risk high-return financial investment? You need to act today!


Technology Options
In general, the following technology is applicable to commercial building roof top or open field installation. Our friendly staff is more than happy to explain the details to you.

  • Solar photovoltaic system with crystalline silicon solar modules
  • Solar photovoltaic system with thin-film solar modules, for large roof tops or open field installation
  • Concentrated solar photovoltaic system

We have seen most of customers select solar photovoltaic technology, and depending on the available installation space, customers may select either crystalline solar modules or thin-film solar modules. Concentrated solar photovoltaic system will be suitable if you need to deliver high system power with a small installation space.

Installation Options
Our team is experienced in designing and constructing many different types of mounting system for you, including:

  • Non-penetrating fixed roof-mount system
  • Penetrating fixed roof-mount system
  • Penetrating tracking roof-mount system
  • Fixed ground mount system
  • Tracking ground mount system
  • Car-port ground mount system

Are you ready to act? Contact us to put together a detail execution plan for your company.

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